Startup 101 – Starting In The Startup Space

So you want to get into the world startups?

You’re at the right place. This page is dedicated to educating aspiring startup entrepreneurs or as some would call ‘Wantrepreneurs’. here are some of the topics every startup entrepreneurs should be familiar with:

  • Startup Mindset + Values
  • Types of people in a startup
  • Joining a Startup Vs Starting a Startup
    • Not everyone can start a startup and be successful. Sorry to burst your bubble
  • Coming up with an idea
  • Validating your idea
    • Startup weekends + Hackathons
  • Building a team
  • Business Canvas
  • Launching your Startup
  • Getting your first clients/users
  • Shares and Equity
  • Pitching your startup
  • Scaling up your startup
  • Tools Startups should be using