Social Media Startup Recap + This Month’s Challenge

We want to build this community together. That means everyone has a say – tell us how we can make July’s event even better!

Hello Startupers!

Thank you all for coming out, we had a full house yesterday with amazing presentations and Q&A. Here are some themes covered yesterday night:

  • Picking the right platforms
  • Overcoming your fear of getting on YouTube
  • Fake followers or no?
  • The wrong shortcut to growing fast
  • The right shortcut to growing fast
  • Growing on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • The easy to rank on google
  • How to deal with trolls & haters

We want to build this community together, that means everyone has a say, share your feedback and be entered to win a prize.

Tell us how we did:
We would appreciate if you can let us and our speakers know how they did. Take a minute or 2 to tell us how the event went and how were the speeches. We will be picking a winner to give a gift card for your feedback.

YVR Startups is a community driven meetup serving the startup space and we are always looking to hear from you on how we can add more value to the Startups community.


Next Event: July 12th – Market and Concept Validation

Do people want your sh*t or are they just being polite?

Got a startup idea or a new feature but not sure whether people want it or not? Want to prove a co-founder/investor/boss that they’re wrong? Planning on scaling but not sure if it’s going to work? Find out how important it is market validation is and how different startups validate their ideas before going growing.


Founder? Got a startup story to share? Love to hear from you!

Are you a founder? Do you have a startup story to share? let’s connect! Send us an email info@yvrstartups.com. We’re always looking for stories to share on our blog or future meetups and add to our YVR Startups directory.

Once again, thank you all for coming out and we hope to see you all next month! Tell us how we can make future events better!



PS: New to startups? check out our YVR Startups Directory. Your one stop shop for everything a startup entrepreneur needs (Funding, work spaces, recruiting etc…).



Startup Challenge: 36 hours to 100 on Twitter 

At YVR Startups we believe in taking actionable steps and getting results. And if you want to get something out of this, we challenge you to take on the twitter challenge. Go on twitter (or create an account) and start tweeting in your niche, follow influencers and be present there. You don’t need to spend hours on it, just a few minutes throughout the day. We did that a few days ago and check out what we got from a day of hustling:

We simply started an account, started interacting with local relevant startup folks, joining hashtags, following startup leaders and joining in on their conversations, being resourceful at all times and within 36 hours we got a little over 100 followers. We did this experiment to show you that it’s not that difficult to grow a twitter account and you just need to take some initiatives and you can start getting results.


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