Man Complained About His 47-Year Flight Connection – Customer Service Rep Dealt With it Like a Boss

Excellent customer service on social media is very important for startups and online businesses. Whether you are a SAAS, eCommerce business or a brick and mortar, you will have customers making inquiries. With the rise of social media, people are now taking their complaints public on social media and should you fail to address them or address them poorly, everyone could see it and it may tarnish your brand. Having a good social media manager is needed to ensure your brand can provide the best responses in public places like social media.

Here’s an interesting story where a witty social media manager by the name of “Jen” saved the company from an embarrassing glitch on their system. The situation was handed so  well that she received a lot of praises from the customer and thousands of other people viewing on social media.

James Lloyd was using Skyscanner came across an embarrassing glitch in Sky scanner’s system where he would receive a 47 year layover in his connect flight. For certain reasons, he posted it on Facebook unintendedly making it a rather embarrassing situation for the company.

47 year layover2

Image from James Lloyd: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157232918945532&set=o.9213701292&type=3&theater

Skyscanner could have given a direct response and admit their system is glitchy but instead gave the following response.

47 year layover3

Her response went viral and people started commented.

47 year layover4

And Jen, being a good social media manager, responded to their comments
47 year layover9 47 year layover8 47 year layover7

Her willing to go beyond what is expected of her has been noted by the social media world that they’re starting a fan club for her.

47 year layover6

She also handled well some some unrelated questions.

47 year layover5

The original customer was happy by the great reasponse

47 year layover11

The company continued their excellent customer service by sending him a gift.

47 year layover10


Jen could have given a straight forward response which could have addressed James’ problem, but because of her witty response, thousands of people ended up hearing about their brand and quality customer service on social media.

Many businesses are failing on social media because they do not check it on a regular basis. Often times you may come across a brand with customers asking questions but getting no responses. It is important to constantly monitor your social media channels and address any inquiries to ensure your brand is customer friendly. This is even more important for a startup because your first 100 customers are your most important ones, you want to make them fell like rock stars so they can be your biggest advocate.



Image from James Lloyd: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157232918945532&set=o.9213701292&type=3&theater



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