Linchpin (By Seth Godin) Audiobook Review:

Seems like Linchpin by Seth Godin is available online.

Notable points by Ed

6:00- Our world today and where workers fit

18:00- The industrial mindset (People agree to do a job for instructions)

30:00- Wikipedia’s Story, how it defeated the Britannica Encyclopedia (Mechanical Turk)

34:30- Ford’s story (Every part is interchangeable)



37:45- The myth of a white collar worker (Average doesn’t mean anything)

39:50- Definition of Linchpins

41:00- Industrial Revolution and its fall

43:00-  When a new system replaces the old

47:30- You are what you do (better reinvent your life). There are three types of people:

  • Industrialists
  • Proletariat
  • Linchpins


What does it mean? How does Linchpins change the landscape?:

  • You need to be indispensable
  • <TBD>

Who should read Linchpin:

  • A white collar worker tired of his 9-5 job
  • A parent who keeps on drilling his/her child to fit in
  • A startup founder looking to build the perfect company layout
  • A new college graduate looking to establish himself in the changing market environment



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