From 0 to 45000 Followers on Social Media By Next Year

How important is social media to a brand/blog?

Some may not consider it until after launch but those who made it big leveraged the power of social media to generate buzz and relationship prior to launching.

  • Imagine being viewed as a leader and influencer in the niche you’re looking to disrupt.
  • Imagine not having to fly blind when it comes to coming up with new products/features because you have thousands of people to probe and validate.
  • Imagine whenever you share something in your niche, thousands would listen

We’re not taking about having a twitter account with only 50-100 followers (usually friends and family), we’re talking about getting your social media accounts to thousands of followers. Our featured panelists have done that, in fact one of them went from 0-45k followers on Instagram in less than a year.

Imagine if you can get thousands of followers on your social media accounts 9 months from now. How much of a difference will it make for your brand and blog?

Come out next Wednesday, June 14th, as we host a session where we feature experts in different social media platforms where they’ve grown accounts to the thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers. Come out and learn about a few of these platforms, why you should be on them and even ask them questions you may have on crushing it on these platforms.


  • Dan Dynneson – Instagram Expert
  • Desmond Soon- Youtube Expert
  • Zach Dempsey- Twitter Expert
  • Facilitated by Edward Yuen

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